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More Power: Electrical Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips: More Electric and Power Corporation (More Power Iloilo), being Iloilo City’s official distribution utility, is always fervent in keeping quality electricity distribution in place with maintenance activities, modernization efforts, and prompt troubleshooting. Apart from this, they are also consistent in publishing electrical safety tips via social media to remind the public to always keep safe when it comes to their electrical connections. Related: More Power Iloilo: MORE Than Just a Distribution Utility

Here, we compile some electrical safety tips by More Power.

On electrical equipment

  • Breakers that trip often indicates an overload of a specific circuit or is a sign of an issue with the panel itself. Also, have clear access to your electrical panels, in case of emergency.
  • Consider fitting your fuse box with an RCD (residual current device). Also, enclose all electric contacts and conductors so that no one can accidentally come into contact with them.
  • Areas like the kitchen, garage, bathroom, laundry room, and outdoors are susceptible to possible dampness. Make sure to install outlet with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) feature.
  • Replace any tools that cause even mild electric shock. Replace defective tools or have them repaired by a qualified person. Also, test safety switches every three months to ensure they are in good working order.
  • Never attempt to do it yourself (DIY) electrical work.

On appliances

  • Never connect or disconnect your appliances under load. Make sure to turn it off before unplugging it from the outlet. Plugs should fit properly into outlets. If yours do not, contact a licensed electrician.
  • Ensure that plugs and sockets are not damaged or burned. This includes adapter, extension unit, power cord, or socket. And never pull a plug out by its cord. Also, avoid octopus wiring or multiple connections on a single outlet. Extension cords must be rated correctly for their intended use. Indoor or outdoor, it should meet or exceed the power needs of the device.
  • Major appliances should be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Do not use extension cords. Also, do not use extension cord as a permanent fixture. If you need additional outlets, contact a licensed electrician to install some wherever you require.
  • Give your appliances proper space for air circulation to avoid overheating. Switch off and unplug appliances before cleaning them. Never trail cables or extension cords under carpets or rugs. It prevents the cord from releasing its heat and could lead to a fire.
  • Never use anything with a cord or plug around water.
  • Never put a metal object in a toaster. Sticking a fork or any metal object in a toaster when it’s plugged could result in a fatal shock. Moreover, keep appliances away from children. Use child proof plugs in power outlets to deter children from poking things into them.
  • Make sure to dispose of your damaged appliances properly. Do not let anyone use them because some electrical items contain dangerous materials like freon and chlorofluorocarbon.

On overall safety

  • When using a ladder, inspect the surrounding area to be sure it is free from power lines.
  • Flickering lights can be caused by minor issues or serious electrical problems. If the bulb is not damaged, it could be caused by faulty wiring or an issue with the amount of power that the main panel is attempting to supply.
  • Do not ignore burning smells. It can mean that there are hot wires somewhere that can potentially turn into a fire. Make sure that all electric cords are tucked out of the way. Pets might chew on electrical cords, and people might trip and fall.
  • Always buy your electrical items from a retailer you can trust and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing, using, and maintaining electrical appliances.

For any concern relating to electricity, do not hesitate to contact More Power via its hotline number (033) 330-MORE or 330-6673, 09176375214 & 09190720626 or Facebook page/messenger More Power Iloilo. For updates and information, visit the More Power website at www.morepower.com.ph.

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