Highly Recommended Event Coordinators in Iloilo

Event Coordinators Iloilo

Highly Recommended Event Coordinators in Iloilo: It’s apparent – and we just had to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Lately, feeds on social media revolve around wedding mishaps and services below par. Surely, it must be hard to organize an event – more so a wedding – especially when it rests on the shoulder of an event coordinator. Here, we gather industry suppliers and their recommended event coordinators in Iloilo.

According to Maki Gu | MakeUp by Maki Gu

First is Maki Gu, a respected hair and makeup artist, and maven behind Makeup by Maki Gu. With years of experience in the wedding industry, Maki shares thoughts on how future bride and grooms should select their event coordinators.

“[Look for] certificates, proof of completion, and reviews from previous clients,” Maki begins, “red flags [would be] bad reviews, very cheap price for an ‘all in’ package, and does not show any transparency,” he continues.

Maki also bared his thoughts on social media through a public post.

“This message is to all the couple who are planning to get married. Wag magpadala-dala sa ‘sale’ na wedding packages. It’s better to find your own suppliers and find a trusted and credible coordinator kung ayaw n’yong ma stress. And don’t expect a cheap price if you want a grand wedding. There are so many ways to lessen your expenses sa inyong wedding/event. Wala na pong libre ngayon so compute your expenses according to your budget,” shares Maki.

The HMUA also enumerated his trusted and highly recommended event coordinators in random order.

According to Ryan Rivera | RR Production

The next industry supplier is Ryan Rivera of RR Production. RR Production is a photo/video supplier and has serviced a number of events, with a portfolio centered on weddings. He also bared his thoughts on how couples can make an informed decision when selecting event coordinators. He also warns couples of ‘all in packages’, especially if it is priced for less. It should be a red flag to watch out for.

“What they should consider in selecting a wedding coordinator, they [couples] need to check the reviews. First, importante gid ang page kag ang rates. Subong bi ma notice mo ang mga gapamaldog, sila na ang gahatag ‘all in’ package. Mahatag na sila P200,000 all in package: pwede ka na makasal, may pagkaon na and all. Dapat dira palang, ang instinct mo ma gana na,” Ryan begins.

Ryan also raised the issue that some coordinators ask for lowball offers from suppliers and yet increase its market price when presenting to clients. He stressed the need for transparency, especially for couples who only want the best for their wedding at realistic prices.

Ryan also bared his highly recommended event coordinators, also in random order.

According to Jaycee Salvador | Debonaire Studios

Describing himself as a nurse, photographer, videographer, and editor, Jaycee Salvador is the man behind Debonaire Studios, one of the most sought-after photo/video service providers in Iloilo City. According to Jaycee, when considering an events coordinator, experience is the key.

“When considering an event coordinator, they should have enough experience and can anticipate the next move even without telling them to do. Also, watch out for payments and fees especially if they ask the client for something that they’re unaware of. Much better, clients must make payments directly to the suppliers instead. In every event, it’s already normal that there are dilemmas and unexpected scenarios but coordinators can minimize those especially if they are experienced. No event is perfect but with help of coordinators, those can be minimized,” Jaycee explains.

Like the others, he also bared his recommended coordinators:

According to Jida Hautea | Passion8 Events and Services

Jida Hautea, manning Passion8 Events and Services, also bared her thoughts on event management. Over the years, she has been fervent in organizing the Iloilo Live Events Alliance (ILEA), pooling vendors of the live events industry into one solid community. With Passion8 Events and Services under her wing and servicing corporate events and brand activations, she shared the following thoughts on event coordination.

“First, they should consider that the person or entity is legit by asking for business documents like DTI permit, Mayor’s Permit, BIR Registration and an Official Receipt,” she begins.

“Second, check for references or actual event experiences. The best guarantee for a smooth event is having someone who has learned the ins and outs of events. This is not to say that new players are not good but the skills of a good event manager can not be learned through theory alone but are developed through actual experiences,” Jida continues.

According to Jida, research is a must.

“Third, choose someone who understands your brand or personality. Each coordinator has their own strengths or specialty. Some are known for quirky, out-of-the-box ideas, others are experts in traditional concepts, or just choose a coordinator that you feel at ease with or is compatible with your personality,” she adds.

“Last but not least, respect the skills, knowledge, time, and effort that the event coordinator has invested in his/her/their craft and the costs of running a business, so be considerate when negotiating the rates,” Jida concludes

According to Netizens

A few weeks after publishing this story, we received feedback from netizens on their highly recommended events coordinators. Anne Fuentespina, an Ilongga, recommends Events and Wedding Ensembles by Dennis Ochoa.

“That is my only recommendation,” she says.

Kris Catequista Travina, meanwhile, suggests Kristrav Events and Wedding Concepts. Markuz Villa, pitches in Historia Events Iloilo. Myrene Montero, another netizen, shared in an email that she has attended several events and experienced great coordinators but recommends First Steps by Hazel.

“They really put all efforts in everything, the relationship they have not only with their clients but also with the other suppliers and event guests is extraordinary. You can definitely feel the sincerity and eagerness to pull it off. Attended 3 events since last year with them, but I have never seen them being recommended online by big publishers or influencers. Maybe they do not market themselves really well on social media, but I think it’s time to put them on the spotlight. I think they deserve a break in the event industry,” Myrene says.

We fervently thank all contributors to this article. We owe it to the industry experts and individuals who took the time to share their inputs regarding event coordination and management.  Note: If you wish to provide your own list of highly recommended events coordinators, email us at Once reviewed, it will be added to this article. Refresh for updates.

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