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Face Shield Not a Substitute for Face Mask – DOH VI

In an article by the Philippine Information Agency, the Department of Health Western Visayas Center for Health Development reminds the public that face shield is not a substitute for face mask. According to Regional Director Dr. Marlyn Convocar, the face shield only serves as an additional layer of protection.

“Face shields are used as an additional protective barrier especially when in public places where physical distancing is a challenge,” states DOH VI Regional Director Dr. Marlyn Convocar.

Convocar adds that physical distancing and the use of face mask and face shield must be observed to protect oneself from COVID-19. Moreover, the agency encourages the public to wear face shields in public settings and public transportation, especially in areas with high cases of COVID.

The agency also clarified that minimum standards or requirements are issued by the health department to affirm that the protective device can serve its purpose – face shields, for example, should completely cover the full sides and length of the face. Read more: DOH VI: Face shield not a substitute for face mask, an article by the Philippine Information Agency.

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