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Facebook to Investigate Surge of Fake Accounts

Just recently, a surge of fake accounts surfaced on Facebook – apparently copying the names of users and creating a different, yet blank account. Thus, social media giant Facebook is said to investigate the matter. It is also said that the surge of fake accounts is linked to the controversial anti-terrorism bill.

“We’re investigating reports of suspicious activity on our platform and taking action on any accounts that we find to be in violation of our policies,” states a spokesperson of the company, in an article by CNN Philippines. Moreover, Facebook is urging users to keep on reporting fake accounts.

Moreover, the Department of Justice is also said to launch its own investigation. The DOJ’s cybercrime office appealed to netizens affected by fake accounts to report it to them. According to the agency, identity theft is a violation of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2020 and is punishable by law. Read more: Facebook investigating reported surge of fake accounts.

“This is actually a very serious violation of our criminal laws on cybercrime. We will be able to determine, hindi lamang kung sino ‘yung subscriber na nag-create ng account, gusto rin natin malaman kung saang terminal at anong ISP (internet service provider) ang ginamit, anong content ng bawat account, at kung ano ang mga data na trinansfer using these accounts,” states Department of Justice Spokesperson Markk Perete, also in an article by CNN Philippines.

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