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Faybe Weddings and Events: “Being in the wedding industry is often a mix of passion, creativity, and a bit of hustle,” states Marie Faye Mondeja – Moleño, describing her journey and that of Faybe Weddings and Events, one of the most sought-after event companies in the metro to date.

Faybe Weddings and Events is an event company that provides planning, conceptualizing, and coordination of weddings, not only in Iloilo but in varied wedding destinations in the country. It is set to celebrate its tenth year in the industry this year, 2024.

Early Beginnings

Faye was born in Manila and raised in Kuwait. She later on settled in Iloilo and earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Saint Paul’s University in Iloilo. After graduation, she worked as a quality assurance specialist at TeleTech. She later on met her husband, Jun Bernard Moleño, a financial advisor working for Manulife.

The couple had subtle plans to pursue a career in the events industry, the pivotal point was when Faye was asked by a friend to do a ‘baby slideshow’. One meeting led to another until she was asked to organized the event. This cemented Faye’s decision and fueled her passion for events.

Thus, Faybe Weddings and Events was born.

“When the business sprouted in 2014, Faybe was a vague events company here and there,” Faye describes, “when I turned 25, I wanted to give myself the gift of education,” she adds. To arm herself with knowledge in event organization, Faye would fly in and out of Iloilo to take classes for six months. “It entailed a lot of hard work and sleepless nights of studying,” she says.

She eventually gained her diploma and allowed her company to service all types of weddings. As of date, Faye is a Certified Wedding Specialist Worldwide, (Registry no. 133PH), the first in Iloilo City to have such specialization.

Faybe Weddings and Events

“Faybe’s main purpose is to help every client in planning and conceptualizing their dream event as distinctive and timeless. Our weddings are uniquely tailored to your personality and story in order to keep your occasion the focus of your celebration, surrounded by family and friends,” Faye explains.

“We will walk with you as your event expert, negotiator, and confidant. We will seamlessly plan, fulfill, and manage every smallest to the grandest, unique detail. Every detail matters as we make your dream event possible,” she adds.

Faybe’s Weddings and Events services center on the following:

  • Full Wedding Planning and Coordination
  • Partial Wedding Planning and Coordination
  • On the Day Coordination


  • Certified Wedding Specialist Worldwide, Registry No. 133PH (2018)
  • Lighting, Designer, and Creative Designer for Faybe (2020)
  • Iloilo Wedding Expert for Worldwide Weddings PH (2021)
  • Certified Events Management Professionals (2022)
  • Event Experts of the Philippines Member and Awardee for Visayas (2022)
  • Event Experts of the Philippines Member and Awardee for Visayas (2023)
  • Teddy Manuel Masterclass Graduate (2023)
  • Rotarian of Rotary Club Las Piñas East

When asked about the secret to business longevity, Faye responds: “regardless of the journey, those who succeed in the wedding industry often share traits like resilience, adaptability, and a genuine love for what they do. They understand the importance of staying current with events, delivering exceptional service, and continuously evolving their skills to meet the ever changing needs of couples planning their special day.”

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