Feature Highlights: Mrs Wharton London Bakes and English Teas

Mrs Wharton

2017 is the year when we all fell in love deeper with Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Teas located at the SM Southpoint. We all witnessed how the London-inspired shop blossomed into a sweet and savory haven, decorated by interesting and colorful furniture pieces that ‘brought’ London to the City of Love.

It was in February, Valentine’s Day, when Mrs. Wharton went beyond the confines of SM Southpoint in SM City Iloilo. A kiosk was assembled at SM Northwing where Mrs. Wharton offered its signature Love Box to the public. A few months later, ‘Tarts Of My Life’ was introduced as an addition to the Love Box. Tarts Of My Life included Caramel, Cheese, Truffles, and Lemon Tarts. Mrs. Wharton was making it big, even prior to its soft opening date, April 4th. It had its grand opening later on May 6th.

But the offerings at Mrs. Wharton only got bigger: “Your receipt is your ticket to your next out of the country destination”. It was on June, 12th to be exact when the ‘One Country at a Time’ made its debut. Customers get the chance to win a free trip outside the country by dining at Mrs. Wharton. The mechanics were simple: Visit, Eat, Repeat. To qualify, customers must take hold of their receipt and drop it in the special box at Mrs. Wharton. Later on, it was revealed that the first out of country destination was Japan.

The Mrs. Wharton shop never runs out of ideas. It was in July when the ‘Dress Your Schublig’ promo was introduced. ‘Dress Your Schublig’ Just the Way You Want It was a promo that offered the European sausage to be ‘dressed’ in any way the customer wanted it. Customers were given the choice of barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, mustard, caesar dressing, and toppings of cheese, chips, and vegetables.

Congratulations Mrs. Wharton! Mango Surprise Cake was chosen among the best cakes in the industry.

Need I say more? As a keen follower of the official Facebook page of Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Tea, I have to admit, I am always blown away by the enticing posts. I love Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Reese, even S’mores – and you somehow can’t explain the feeling when all your favorites are in and on a cake. The first time I heard that Ferrero Rocher cake is available at Mrs. Wharton, I did an emotional somersault. No words can explain how excited I was. And, just recently, when I heard that Reese cake will be available I just can’t help but fall in love with Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Tea – the place certainly knows how to push all my buttons.

And yes, the place certainly knows how to push everyone’s buttons. I can’t help but fall in love with the British Savory – good for two Lasagna at Php 150, Tuna Melt sandwich at Php 95, and my favorite – Sausage and Mashed Potato with Onion Gravy available at Php 95. What’s more enticing at Mrs. Wharton is that you don’t have to spend much to enjoy amazing food. I am actually writing this in a more personal manner because I am in love with the sweets at Mrs. Wharton. Yes, take my word, the food is amazing.

Indeed, it has been an awesome year for Mrs. Wharton, and it will continue to do so in 2018. Happy Holidays, Mrs. Wharton it’s been a wonderful year with you!

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