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Filipinos in Iraq Advised to Evacuate

Filipinos in Iraq are advised to evacuate after the Philippine Embassy raised status to Alert Level 4, the highest alert status. Ed Meñez, Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary, confirmed the alert status following coordination meetings with the government.

Alert Level 4, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs, calls for evacuation or mandatory repatriation when there is a ‘large scale internal conflict or full-blown external attack’. The Philippine Embassy lists 450 undocumented and 1,190 documented workers in Iraq.

Filipinos in need of assistance may contact the Philippine Embassy in Iraq through the following: 07816066822 (Jom) / 07516167838 (Jerome) / 07518764665 (Jobbi) / 07508105240 (Richard) | E-mail: / | Facebook: Philippine Embassy in Iraq.

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