Achieving Financial Goals

Achieving Financial Goals: Achieving one’s financial goals might just be one of the most perplexing struggles in life. It’s not easy to earn thousands, even millions, and to finally enjoy financial freedom for life.

Moreover, in a recently conducted ‘Sun Talks’, Sun Life Agency Strategy and Digital Transformation Head Jenny Del Mundo expounded on financial goals and financial freedom.

“Financial freedom means having choices,” begins Del Mundo. Financial freedom translates to freedom from debt, shortage, and other forms of financial incapability. Moreover, financial goals refer to objectives set to benefit one’s financial future. In an article by Investopedia, such goals may be subdivided into short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

Example of Financial Goals

  • Establishing a Budget
  • Creating an Emergency Fund
  • Paying of Credit Card/s
  • Getting Life Insurance or Disability Insurance
  • Saving for Retirement
Financial Goals
‘Sun Talks’ with Sun Life Agency Strategy and Digital Transformation Head Jenny Del Mundo

Furthermore, during the talk, Del Mundo explained financial milestones – from getting started, moving up, preparing ahead, to leaving a legacy. Here are some highlights.

Getting Started: Building confidence and independence.

“You are establishing your independence. It is the time of new responsibilities, and you’re beginning to understand the value of handling your own finances. Investing for experiences that enrich your life is the ultimate purpose of the money you earn, and this empowers you to dream bigger. ” (Sun Future Planner)

Moving Up: Shifting priorities from self to others, building a family.

“Gone are the days of yolo (you only live once). You are shedding old habits to pave the way for life-changing events like getting married cradling your newborn child or nurturing a home. Having dependents prompt you to diversify your finances beyond your usual savings.” (Sun Future Planner)

Preparing Ahead: Nurturing health and wealth.

“Two forces compel and inspire you to invest for the future: preparing for retirement while attending to your own health and wellness. You look out for both your capacity to be healthy and your means to be wealthy. You seize chances to make your money work even harder through a diversified portfolio.” (Sun Future Planner)

Leaving a Legacy: Ensuring lasting golden years

“Gone are the days when retirement means passively watching the world go by. Instead, you relish the freedom to pursue new dreams, devote more time to loved ones, and make a difference in your community. Aside from having a comfortable financial nest, you are also focused on the smooth transfer of your estate to your heirs. ” (Sun Future Planner)

Money for Life includes having the following: emergency fund, income protection, education fund, savings for milestones, health protection, retirement fund, and estate transfer fund. These encompass the financial milestones/stages in life.

“To have Money for Life means enjoying the financial freedom to live your life as you choose because you are prepared for the expected and unexpected events in your journey.” – Sun Future Planner

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