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First COVID-19 Survivor in Panay Discharged Today

The Medical City Iloilo recently shared via social media that the first COVID-19 survivor of Panay has been discharged today (April 03, 2020) following a negative test result of the virus. In a statement by Dr. Felix Ray Villa, Chief Executive Officer of The Medical City Iloilo, the patient has made a complete recovery from the disease.

“Today marks another milestone not only to The Medical City Iloilo, but also to the rest of the Ilonggo community. The first COVID-19 survivor of Panay Island has already discharged from our facility. The patient was tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 and has now completely recovered from the said disease. We acknowledge our healthcare workers, critical team and the entire TMC Iloilo workforce for the bravery and kindness shown during these challenging times. We also extend our gratitude to the City and Provincial Government, private companies, organizations and private individuals who supported us in ways that they can. We’re in this together. We will continue to fight this battle, protect the community and observe healthcare standards in taking care of our patient partners,” statement of The Medical City Iloilo in a social media post.

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