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Friday Movie Nights at Sunburst Park

One of the newest structural additions to the City of Love is by no means new. In fact, Sunburst Park already existed back in the days. It has just been revived to its former glory when the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand was transferred to Muelle Loney. In 2018, the Sunburst Park was officially turned over by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority to the Iloilo City Government.

In a bid to invite Iloilo City residents to the esteemed park, the Iloilo City Government through the effort of City Mayor Jerry P. Treňas will provide free movies to the general public every Friday night at 6pm, at Sunburst Park starting September 6. According to the mayor, it is a way for Ilonggos to converge in the park and bring life to the downtown area.

Also, according to the Facebook post of the Iloilo City Government, films will range from popular to action-packed. Moreover, an LED wall and stereo system will be in place to provide an enhanced movie experience to the general public. Also, the City Government reminded viewers that movies will be shown every Friday as weather permits.

Sunburst Park, back in the days, was conceived during the American Colonial Period in 1916. It was a garden that complemented the Iloilo Customs House. During that time, the garden was referred to as Plaza de Aduana – the Spanish word ‘Aduana’ meaning Customs. The driving force that led to the name ‘Sunburst’ was the American Army Division. The division was instrumental in liberating Iloilo City from the Japanese. With the victory of the American forces, the park was named after the division, known as the ‘Sunburst Division’.

The park is a indeed treasure to Ilonggos.

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