Mama Edz’ Arroz Caldo

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Mama Edz’ Arroz Caldo: Tucked in a cozy corner along R Mapa Street in Mandurriao Iloilo City, just across the elementary school, is a place of comfort perfect for the holiday.What’s best after a cold early morning Simbang Gabi is a satiating warm bowl of soup – of course, who would say no to a bowl of Mama Edz’ Native Chicken Arroz Caldo?

Mama Edz’ started in Barotac Nuevo, a 45-minute car trip from the city. The municipality, bordered by Potatan to the west and Dumangas to the south, is known as the Football Capital of the Philippines. Mama Edz’ was conceptualized and launched in 1996 – and has captivated the crowd ever since. Mama Edz’ Arroz Caldo is known for its unique flavor and tender native chicken cooked to perfection.

In a nutshell, what is Arroz Caldo? Arroz Caldo is a Filipino version of congee. It is Spanish for ‘broth rice’. Chicken pieces, bone-in, and rice are boiled until soft and topped with fried garlic bits. At Mama Edz, you have your choice from plain caldo, caldo with egg, caldo with chicken and egg, and even atay batikolon (liver, gizzard) or li-og (neck). You can never go wrong with this soup variety concocted by an Ilonggo family who has passed the recipe for generations. Apart from Arroz Caldo, they also serve Batchoy, a popular Ilonggo dish.

Native Chicken Arroz Caldo – Chicken at Php 60 | Chicken with Egg at Php 67 | Atay Batikolon at Php 60 | Atay Batikolon with Egg at Php 67 | Li-og at Php 50 | Li-og with Egg at Php 57 | Caldo at Php 35 | Caldo with Egg at Php 45 | Batchoy – Special at Php 30 | Super Special at Php 35 | Others – Puto Manapla atPhp 12 | Boiled Egg at Php 8 | Fresh Egg at Php 8

Mama Edz' Arroz Caldo

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