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Global Power to Transform Lapaz Property into an Industrial Real Estate

Just recently, independent power producer Global Business Power Corp (GBP) is opening its 90-hectare property in Ingore to make it the first industrial estate in Panay. Moreover, GBG is aimed to bring in four investors to improve the industrial sector of Panay for Php 4 billion.

Global Business Power Corp President Jaime Azurin confirmed that discussions have been made with the potential investors for over a year now. He also revealed that being in the power supply industry, power is mostly consumed from 9am to 4pm, and tapers off in the evening. With this, there can be available supply to power major industries that operate 24 hours. Azurin also reveals that the concern about being a power generator company is who to sell power to during the off hours.

“We think Iloilo City is the best in terms of infrastructure, facilities, power plant is there and we have a very good local government. You have the resources, manpower, the knowledge. The biggest problem is a lot of Ilonggos are working abroad. The best way is to give them opportunity to work here by bringing in industries,” states Global Business Power Corp President Jaime Azurin, in a post by Radyo Pilipinas.

Global Business Power operates three coal-fired power plants in Lapaz, producing a total capacity of 314 megawatts. The company also has diesel-fired power plants in Iloilo and Aklan.

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