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Going to a Restricted LGU? Here’s How to Use S-PaSS

How to Use S-PaSS

Travelling? Going to a restricted LGU? Here’s how to use an S-PaSS. It stands for safe, swift, smart passage, an online travel management system developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region VI.

Last February 26, 2021, the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, through Resolution No. 101 has institutionalized the use of S-PaSS nationwide. Here, we detail the use of the travel system as explained by the S-PaSS Facebook page.

The S-PaSS will facilitate a safe, swift, and smart coordination of travels to the destination LGUs. The traveler may check if the destination LGU has a restricted or unrestricted travel policy. If the LGU is restricted, they must use S-PaSS to apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP). The travelers are free to go to any unrestricted destination LGU, however it is recommended to generate a Travel Pass – Through Permit (TPP) if they will be passing through LGUs with restricted status. Read: Guidelines on Inbound Travel to Iloilo City

  • You can check the travel policy of your destination LGU
  • Apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) to the LGUs with ‘Restricted’ travel policies. Note: the TCP will be acted upon/approved by the destination LGU. To avoid delay in the approval by the LGU of your TCP, please ensure that you have complied with the requirements and the required documents available for submission online.
  • Conveniently track your own travel history
  • Easily access, store, and print your travel documents

How to use S-PaSS?

Create an account and get your travel documents using these simple steps:

  1. Go to the website

– Open your internet browser and enter

  1. Create an account

– Register using your personal mobile number

  1. Apply for travel documents

– Create an account or login and click on “are you traveling?”

  1. Check on status of application

– Wait for the approval and action of the destination LGU on your Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)

Open your internet browser and enter

Register using your personal mobile number

Create your account and comply with requirements


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