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MORE Green Initiatives in Iloilo City

MORE Green Initiatives in Iloilo City: The book of Genesis tells one of the oldest mandates of the divine creator to mankind – to be stewards of the earth. Man was endowed with God’s creation: he is tasked to recognize that it is God’s and that he is accountable as its steward.

Fast forward to today, the directive of stewardship seems farfetched from ideal.

However, in Iloilo City, initiatives were birthed by its local power distribution utility, More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power Iloilo). MORE Power goes beyond the call of duty – not just an energy steward but an active driver of green initiatives. The company has involved itself knee-deep in creating, improving, and continuing actions beneficial to the environment and community.

Restoring river ecosystem and providing food source to Ilonggos

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, restore a river’s ecological balance and the whole community will never go hungry again – this is one of the ideologies of the local government when it implemented rehabilitative efforts to restore the Iloilo River. MORE Power, on the other hand, supplemented the initiative when it released juvenile fingerlings during its anniversary celebration. A total of 730 juvenile fish were released that day.

“MORE Electric and Power Corporation have been our great partner in creating a sustainable city and has been proactive in fixing different electrical issues. As they celebrate their second anniversary in giving power to the Ilonggos, they released a total of 731 juvenile fish, equating the number of days of service, as part of their corporate social responsibility. They also donated 23 life jackets for our personnel who worked very hard to protect the river,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas, lauding the activity of MORE Power.

“It is not always that you will see a utility distribution company that is involved in the propagation of fishes in the Iloilo River, and I am very thankful for MORE Power. We have seen that through the years, our river has become cleaner and cleaner through the efforts of our City Agriculturist Office, our river clean-up team, Sen. Franklin Drilon, and now, with MORE Power. With the strong partnership of different sectors, we can build a level up the City of Love,” Mayor Treñas added.

Reducing carbon emissions by supporting local bike initiatives

In support of Iloilo City as a bike-friendly community, MORE Power incorporated bike ‘fun rides’ in its company events and milestones. The utility was able to host a ‘fun ride, fun drive’ as part of its 2nd anniversary where proceeds from the event were used to procure additional protection for bikers in bike lanes. The company also raffled mountain bikes to Ilonggos.


Creation of guardians of the environment

MORE Power has also involved its employees in green activities. Employees were encouraged to participate in the company’s environmental protection and preservation efforts and be part of the “MORE Power Guardians of the Environment”. It is the brainchild of MORE Power President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Roel Castro.

Some of its activities include the following: a clean-up drive at Villa Beach by security personnel led by the head of security Mr. Rudin Tunting, able to gather fifteen (15) sacks of garbage; coastal cleanup for International Coastal Clean-up Day, a global event focused on cleaning shorelines of debris and garbage; and annual clean-up drive in Molo participated by 65 volunteers who were able to gather 69 sacks of trash.

“Since from the start ito na yung ginagawa namin. To join any community service with regards to or in connection with the environment. Sana lahat maging responsible kasi yung pagmamahal natin sa environment is everybody’s concern,” says Tunding in a clean-up activity last September.

“We would like to continue our commitment in serving our people in Iloilo not only being the distribution utility here but also sa mga ganitong klase ng project ng Iloilo City yung paglilinis ng environment. Maraming salamat po na nabigyan kami ng opportunity to be of help,” says Ma. Cristina D. Cabalhin, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs of MORE Power.

These are just some of the green activities headed by the distribution utility for the City of Iloilo.

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