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Guidelines in Extended ECQ in Iloilo City

Executive Order 068, an Executive Order extending the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Iloilo City from May 01 (12:01am) until May 15 (11:59pm), was recently signed by Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas. The EO provides a lengthy narrative of guidelines to follow whilst the locality is one extended ECQ.

Section 2 – Closure. During the interim period, all establishments whether publicly or privately owned shall be closed except for: 1) agriculture and fisheries industry; 2) manufacturing and processing; 3) hospitals and medical clinics; 4) dental and EENT clinics; 5) retail establishments; 6) food preparation; 7) logistics; 8) delivery services; 9) banks and capital markets; 10) public utilities; 11) electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply; 12) manufacturing companies and supplier of construction equipment; 13) postal and courier; 14) water collection, treatment, and supply; 15) waste collection, treatment, and disposal; 16) sewerage; 17) veterinary activities; 18) repair and installation of machinery and equipment; 19) repair of computers and personal household goods; 20) services to buildings; 21) employment activities; 22) security and investigation; 23) programming and broadcasting activities; 24) rental and leasing activities; 25) accommodations used as quarantine facilities; 26) extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas; 27) gasoline stations; 28)) laundry shops; 29) funeral services; 30) export companies; 31) business process outsourcing; 32) mining and quarrying; 33) BPOs and KPOs; 34) media outfit operations; 35) money transfer services.

Section 3 – Prohibited Activities. Following establishments shall remain prohibited: 1) gym, fitness studios, and sports facilities; 2) entertainment-related mass gatherings; 3) business-related mass gatherings; 4) politically-related mass gatherings; 5) sports-related mass gatherings; 6) libraries, archives, museums, and cultural activities; 7) gambling and betting; 8) travel agency; 9) activities of membership organizations; 10) religious ceremonies; 11) schools; 12) amusement centers; 13) leisure facilities; 14) malls, department stores; 15) night clubs, massage parlors, cockpits, etc.

Section 4 – Health Standards. All establishments shall follow the following health standards: social distancing, post COVID-19 hotline within establishments, ensure strict observance of social distancing, constant disinfecting measures, provide hand sanitizers/alcohol, use non-contact thermal scanners, require employees to accomplish daily health interview cards, use of foot baths, abide by measures prescribed by the IATF-EID, WHO, DOH, and Iloilo City Health Office.

Section 5 – Safety Measures. The following guidelines shall be strictly observed: mandatory use of face mask, strict implementation of social distancing, the absolute prohibition of social distancing, border control, curfew, restricted movement of vulnerable groups.

Section 6 – Authorized Persons Outside Residence. Only the following shall be allowed to leave their residences: persons with quarantine pass, persons who work for establishments enumerated under section 2, persons listed in DILG Advisory dated April 11 / Joint Task Force CV Shield, airline, aircraft maintenance, sea employees, construction workers, pastors/priests, humanitarian, NGO, and relief operations.

Section 7 – Restriction of Movement of Vulnerable Sectors. The following are prohibited from leaving their homes (except to buy medicine/food and/or seek medical consultation): persons beyond 59 years of age, persons below 21 years of age, persons with co-morbidities and other risk factors, and persons with disabilities.

Section 8 – Quarantine Pass. All persons who need to go out shall be required to present the Barangay Quarantine Pass while moving within Iloilo, entering borders and city limits, except for those enumerated under section 6(2), and 6(3).

Section 9 – Liquor Ban. Sale and consumption are prohibited.

Section 10 – Prohibition of Mass Public Transportation.

Section 15 – Penalties Imposable. For all persons, who knowingly break any of the provisions as well as health and safety protocols issued by the Department of Health, IATF, and other agencies, will face the appropriate administrative, and/or criminal charges.

For further information, refer to Executive Order 068:

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