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#HandsOffSkimmers – What Is It About?

#HandsOffSkimmers has recently gone viral, what is it about? The performance entails the plight of the general public narrated in a cheer by the group ‘Skimmers’, at University of the Philippines ‘UPV Pahampang’. The 15 minute performance cites current sociopolitical issues in an satirical performance by the students. Read more: UP Visayas students voice out national issues in cheering competition

By far, the performance has bagged the championship in the university’s annual sportsfest held at the University of the Philippines’ Miagao Campus in Iloilo. Apart from that, the group has also won the hearts of many, and the ire of some. See the video below.

So far, the University of the Philippines community stands by Skimmers.

Photo credit: Rappler

Video credit: Rupert Quitag Youtube

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  1. Im from iloilo but this not accptable sayang lng taxes ng gobyerno pati kmi mga OFW. Stop free tuition this UPvisayas.

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