Is Health Insurance Worth It?

Health Insurance

Is Health Insurance Worth It? ‘Health is wealth’ must surely be an overused cliche. Sometimes, we think we have that herculean strength and energy until a sickness humbles us – and reminds us of the frailties of life and the uncertainty of our health.

Sadly, we are slaves to the inevitable.

Sun Life, an insurance company, recently held an event dubbed Sun Talks: Unlocking Your Health Goals, discussing the relationship between health and health insurance.

The event was graced by speakers Francesca Tolentino, Affinity Partnership Manager, Health and Accident Team of Sun Life; and Garett Maralit, Multi-awarded Financial Advisor and Sales Manager of the same company.

During the talk, onsite participants were asked to list their health goals. These are some of their answers:

  • to be healthy
  • to eat healthy
  • to be physically active

What inspires them to be healthy?

  • family

What are they willing to do to be healthy?

  • to eat healthy
  • to have healthy habits
  • to be physically active

As mentioned, we are vulnerable to uncertainties in life. Sometimes, what we can only do is prepare for it – a safety net for a fall, a pillow to ease the blow, and maybe a bear hug while we brace for impact. And this is where health insurance comes in.

Is health insurance worth it?

“It’s now a fact that medical inflation is a part of life,” says Francesca Tolentino of Sun Life.

Inflation, whilst expected, always generates a variety of reactions. Today’s basic commodities have risen to a price point that is almost impossible to afford. What more with medical inflation?

Again, this is where health insurance comes in.

Health insurance can cushion the impact of medical inflation. Health insurance is an assurance that provides immediate financial help in case of a medical emergency (Forbes).

Sunlife, moreover, has insurance plans specific to health protection.

Sun Fit and Well offers critical illness and life insurance benefits until the age of 100, with the inclusion of disease prevention programs. Benefits include preventive wellness benefit providing access to wellness activities, comprehensive critical illness benefit providing cash benefit upon diagnosis of a critical condition, and specific cancer booster benefit providing additional cash benefit.

Sun Senior Care addresses the evolving life and health protection needs of the life stage. Benefits include prevention providing wellness privileges; diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation providing financial benefit upon diagnosis of any advanced age critical illness conditions; special benefits; life insurance protection; limited payment period; and living benefits.

Sun Cancer Care helps clients to be financially prepared and in control should cancer strike. Benefits include access to wellness programs; aid in diagnosis; treatment and rehabilitation; life insurance protection; special bonus and dividend earnings all – providing additional assistance and support all throughout treatment and recovery.

Sun Life Assure provides protection benefits against any of the covered critical illness conditions. Benefits include critical illness coverage and life insurance coverage.

These are just some of Sun Life’s insurance plans.

Is health insurance affordable?

“If we want to fix our finances, we have to go back to the basic – budgeting,” says Garett Maralit, Muti-awarded Financial Advisor and Sales Manager of Sunlife

Maralit stresses the importance of budgeting. This allows families to spare money to afford worthwhile investments such as health insurance.

Sun Life continues to be a leading global financial services company based out of Canada, offering a diverse range of insurance products and solutions to aid Filipinos toward a brighter life.


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