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Health Protocols for Holy Week

Health Protocols for Holy Week

Health Protocols for Holy Week: Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas has recently signed Executive Order 029 detailing the health protocols for the upcoming Holy Week 2021. EO 029 provides for additional measures to address the current surge in COVID-19 cases.

“I signed Executive Order No. 029 providing the measures to address the current surge in COVID-19 cases. This is to intensify our approach on the local health protocols especially in the Holy Week observance,”states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas in a social media post.

Health protocols for Holy Week 2021

  • A maximum indoor seating capacity of fifty percent (50%) shall be observed at all times. For this purpose, entrance to churches /venues is encouraged via reservation to ensure that the fifty percent (50%) capacity limitation is complied with.
  • No gatherings and conduct of religious activities shall be allowed outside the church and/or venue. To avoid aggregation of individuals outside the venue, the use of audio-video screens or public address systems outside the church/venue while the mass/worship service is being celebrated shall be prohibited.
  • Live singing, if any, shall be strictly limited. Recorded singing is encouraged.
  • Attendance through various online platforms is encouraged.
  • Religious congregations and denominations are to strictly implement the health protocols provided in relevant issuances, i.e. 1-meter physical distancing and the mandatory wearing of face masks, and immediate availability of hand hygiene necessities in the premises, among others.
  • Religious denominations are discouraged to conduct individual confessions.
  • Religious denominations shall regulate the number and flow of people entering, attending, and departing from worship spaces to ensure safe distancing at all times. Attendees should maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) of the distance between people at all times.
  • Touching or kissing of devotional and other sacred objects that the community is accustomed to handling communally shall not be allowed. Worshippers are encouraged to perform their ritual ablutions at home.
  • Devotional processions usually conducted on Holy Week will not be allowed. These devotional processions include among others, the “Via Crucis” on Fridays of Lent and within the days of Holy Week; the “Pasos” on Holy Tuesday or Holy Wednesday; the “Visita Iglesia” on Holy Thursday; the “Santo Entierro”; the “La Soledad” processions on Good Friday; and the “Sugat” at dawn on Easter Sunday.
  • The Holy Week activity of the blessing of religious articles would still be observed without a congregation of attendees. The religious sect is highly encouraged to collect and bless the religious articles before or after every mass celebration without gathering the attendees.
  • Home visitations by the ‘apostles’ shall not be permitted.
  • The Baptismal liturgy can also be done to either children or adults; however, the number of attendees must be limited up to fifteen (15) persons or shall only include immediate family within the first degree, whichever is lower. Programs, dances, and other activities tending to attract crowds are prohibited.

Read the full EO 029 here:

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