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House Panels Approve Anti-Terrorism Bill

Two committees at the House of Representatives approved the proposed anti-terrorism bill. The House Committee on Public Order and Safety and Committee on National Defense and Security chaired by Masbate Rep Narciso Bravo and Iloilo Rep Raul Tupas, approved the bill.

Moreover, in an article by the Philippine News Agency, Masbate Rep Narciso Bravo revealed that the House Bill is ‘similar to the Senate version that was approved in February to fast-track its passage and avoid convening a bicameral conference’.

What is the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020? The proposed anti-terrorism act, according to an article by the Philippine News Agency, will provide a ‘strong legal backbone to support the country’s criminal justice response to terrorism’. The Senate version included provisions imposing life imprisonment without parole to those who will propose, incite, conspire, and participate in the planning, preparation, and facilitation of a terrorist act, as well as provide material support to terrorists, and recruit anyone to be a member of a terrorist organization. Read more: House panels approve anti-terror bill, an article by the Philippine News Agency.

Moreover, in an article by CNN Philippines, additional details were given regarding the proposed anti-terrorism bill. It revealed that the Senate, last February, approved Senate Bill 1083, the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020. The bill seeks to extend the number of days suspected terrorists can be detained without a warrant of arrest – from three days (current law) to up to 14 days and extendable for another 10 days.

The bill also removed the provision under the Human Security Act that orders a payment of half a million pesos in damages for each day that a person wrongfully accused of terrorism is detained. Moreover, any person who shall threaten to commit any act of terrorism, propose any terroristic acts, or incite others to commit terrorism shall suffer the penalty of 12 years in prison. Read more: House panels approve new anti-terrorism bill, alarms netizens, an article by CNN Philippines.

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