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House Panel Approves Divorce Bill

Just recently, the House Committee on Population and Family Relations approved a bill instituting absolute divorce and dissolution of marriage in the country. Moreover, the panel established a technical working group to consolidate House Bill 100, 838, and 2263 prior to reaching the plenary.

House Bill 100, otherwise known as the ‘Absolute Divorce Act’, will grant ‘absolute divorce’ to be affordable, efficient, and inexpensive. Moreover, according to Albay Representative Edcel Lagman, author of House Bill 100, stated that divorce is an exception of broken and lost marriages, whilst the State has a mandate to protect and preserve marriage as a social institution and foundation of the family.

“No less than the Commissioners of the 1986 Constitutional Commission, which drafted the 1987 Constitution, were unanimous that the Congress has the authority to pass a divorce law under the present Charter,” states Albay Representative Edcel Lagman, author of House Bill 100, in an article by the Philippine News Agency.

Moreover, Lagman elaborated that the guiding principle of the bill is that ‘absolute divorce shall be judicially decreed after the fact of an irremediably broken marital union or a marriage vitiated from the start.

“Except for grounds under summary judicial proceedings, the proper court shall not start the trial petition for absolute divorce before the expiration of a mandatory six-month cooling-off period after the filing of the petition during which the court shall exercise all effects to reunite and reconcile the parties,” an excerpt from the bill.

“A divorce law cannot undo centuries of dearly held Filipino customs and traditions honoring and celebrating marriage and the family. Marriage and the family are and will still be at the heart of the Filipino way of life,” adds Lagman.

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