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How do I break the bad cycle of quitting jobs?

How do I break cycle of quitting jobs? Hi, thank you for airing this question. Whilst reading your question as well as the answers below, I could not help but see myself in you – and likewise wince at some of the answers below because, basically, it is true. As of the moment, I am contemplating leaving my current job. This is not the first and maybe not the last. I admit I have this bad habit for too long. So they say, work is work – and that does not include being happy. Why? Because that is the atmosphere that has been taught to us. You have to strive, you have to put up with all the ‘shit’, you have to humble yourself – because that is what it is, that is what work is about. Let me share this quip I wrote on my blog:

“A company will hire you for the following qualifications: 1% skill, 1% ingenuity, 1% appearance, 1% dedication, 1% hard work, and 95% willingness to take shit and become a pushover.” This is a joke but I am sorry, based on my experience, it is true.

On the other hand, let me walk with you on this. I still believe in the Confucian saying‘choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. I always believe that there will be a perfect fit for us, sooner or later. I currently have a day job – but at night and on the weekends, I do something that I love and I try to find a way to make money out of it. Right now, as much as possible, I want to put an end to my long list of employment blunders – I am currently putting up with my day job to save as much as I can to propel the array of projects that I have in mind. And now, everything seems to be in place and in progress. I have partnered with a friend to rev up our startup business, I have a website and I do as much as I can to monetize from it, I do freelance work, I blog and have been receiving compensation, etc. If my income from these can supersede the income I earn in my company, then I guess it is the right time to refocus my priorities.

Find your bliss, my friend. It is just somewhere out there. Good luck!

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