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How do you best deal with a heartbreak?

How do you best deal with a heartbreak? Hi, thank you for asking. If you’re dealing with heartbreak right now, I am sorry to hear that. I understand that it is never easy. So they say that, eventually, a person who has had too many heartbreaks will get used to it eventually. However, if you’ve loved enough, you’ll know that it will hurt. Some say to guard your heart and always have that option sailing in your head of the possibility that you might not end up together. These are some of the conceptions that people have about heartbreak, but it is always not the same. People have their own individuals experiences with heartbreak and no book can equate to what you are feeling right now.

On the other hand, please do understand that – in a loss – there are stages of grief, also known as DABDA, or the five stages of grief as described by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. This describes the cycle people go through consequent of a death (or loss). And these are the following: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Kindly note that acceptance is in the end. Kubler-Ross tells us that a person may go through the cycle again and again, and may not be in its proper order, but hopefully it will be resolved in acceptance.

I hope I answered your question.

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