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#HowToGlobe Find Out If Your SIM is LTE-Ready

#HowToGlobe: Find out if your SIM is LTE-ready! Is your mobile phone’s SIM card ready to go full speed with Globe LTE? The answer is just one text away with SIM Check! Globe Prepaid and TM customers can now find out if their current SIM card can access the 4G LTE network for FREE. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

SIM Check is also available via *143#! Just select “My Account” and choose “LTE SIM Check”. You’ll receive an SMS indicating your SIM type. SIM Check service is available for both Globe Prepaid and TM customers. Still using a non-LTE SIM? Upgrade it for FREE at your nearest Globe Store! Just bring your old Prepaid SIM card and activate your new LTE Upgrade SIM. Not only do you get faster speeds, but you also get to retain your current number plus enjoy FREE 1GB data!

With thrice the speed of 3G and less buffer time, Globe LTE offers customers an improved mobile experience and more enriched digital lifestyle. To get more information on Globe LTE, visit globe.com.ph/lte. To find more tips and solutions on #HowToGlobe, visit the Globe ICON Facebook page.

Also on Globe: Level up with these mobile games. Access your favorite games using your FREE 2GB to GoWATCH and PLAY from Globe GoSURF and GoSAKTO! Are school requirements starting to pile up? Don’t stress! Recharge and take a break. There’s no better way to do this than to step into the exciting world of mobile games and play a round or two with your barkada. Grab your friends and get in on the fun with these top picks from Globe!

Make the most out of your gaming break and play hours on end with no worries. With Globe’s free 2GB of data for games and videos, you can keep on playing and leveling up! Simply register to GoSURF50 and up, GOTSCOMBODD70 and 90, or GoSAKTO120 and 140 to get the free data allocation.

Level up anytime, anywhere with Globe GoSURF and GoSakto with free 2GB for videos and games! Stay updated with the latest promos by visiting the official Globe website or following Globe on Facebook and Twitter.

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