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Huck o Hulyo Ultimate Frisbee

Huck o Hulyo

Huck o Hulyo: Iloilo’s annual ultimate frisbee invitational tournament, Huck o Hulyo, recently culminated last July 30 and 31, at the Savannah Football Field. The event is sanctioned by the Philippine Flying Disc Association and highlights teams from different regions in the country. Apart from the invitational tournament, a weekend market was assembled in the Camella community.

Huck o Hulyo: Frisbee Invitational Tournament

Also known as ‘Ultimate, Frisbee is a non-contact team sport played using a flying disc, flung by hand. Its origins date back to 1968 and it is considered unique because the sport is self-officiating, even at the highest levels of competition (USA Ultimate Org). Points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing end zone. Basic rules include players not taking steps while holding the disc, interceptions, incomplete passes, and passes out of bounds are turnovers.

Huck o Hulyo, now in its 11th year, started with four teams in 2009 and is organized by the Iloilo Ultimate Players Association (IUPA), a grassroots organization started in 2006 and composed of players from Iloilo province. To date, Huck o Hulyo is one of the largest frisbee tournaments in the country and is accredited by the Philippine Flying Disc Association (PFDA), a nonprofit organization that oversees flying disc activities in the country.

For this year, twenty teams participated: Bauhaus from the National Capital Region; Bingawan Spirits from Bingawan, Iloilo; Boracay NextGen from Boracay, Aklan; Boracay Ultimate from Boracay, Aklan; Guimbal Rising Sons from Guimbal, Iloilo; Highngaran Ultimate from Hinigaran, Negros Occidental; Kaiju from Bacolod, Negros Occidental; Karay’as Ultimate from Mina, Iloilo; Lambunao Ultimate from Lambunao, Iloilo; Mandarayu from the National Capital Region; Masco Jr. from Bacolod, Negros Occidental; Noracay BexGen from Boracay, Aklan; Passi Ultimate Frisbee Club from Passi, Iloilo; Puma from Boracay, Aklan; Sam Bisyos from the National Capital Region; Starstruck from Iloilo City; SW from Iloilo City; Team Agile/Trident from Negros Occidental and Oriental; UBBR from Boracay and Mindanao; and Shake and Bake from Iloilo, Negros, National Capital Region, and Mindanao.

Of the twenty teams, only a few came out victorious. In the Pool A Category, the second runner-up was Agile/Trident; the first runner-up was Shake and Bake; the champion was Sam’s Bisyos. In the Pool B Category, the second runner-up was Masco Jr.; the first runner-up was Puma; the champion was Bauhaus. Moreover, the award for the most spirited team was given to Bauhaus.

In this video: Neco Tupas, one of the organizers of the event, talks about Huck o Hulyo

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