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Huge Decline in Pole Fires in Iloilo City

Pole Fires in Iloilo City

A huge decline in pole fires has been observed in Iloilo City since MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power Iloilo) started its operations, as confirmed by the Bureau of Fire Protection. According to Acting City Fire Marshall Jesus Valenzuela, there is a notable decrease in incidents due to the distribution utility’s active participation in eliminating illegal connections and ridding the streets of ‘spaghetti wires’, posing not just an ‘eyesore’ but a fire hazard.

“Sang 2019, we have 218 and 2020 nagnubo siya, 151 na lang. so, daku gid ang pagbag-o. Nami gid nagnubo gid ang responding naton sa post fire naton, kag daku gid ang nabulig sa aton mga pumuluyo kay te mag post fire brown out ang isa ka barangay, te maka hamper sa pangabuhian sang mga tawo eh kag mainiti especially kun march pa gid, so daku gid ang pagbulig.”, notes F/Sinsp. Jesus Valenzuela.

The fire bureau reports ten to five pole fire incidents per week.

Most of the incidents involve illegal connections and overloading of transformers.

However, since the establishment of MORE Power, the incidents have greatly decreased. According to BFP, the DU was instrumental in the improvement. The bureau lauds the DU’s i-Konek program, a dynamic customer welfare drive initiative bringing seamless electricity application to the barangays, allowing even low load applicants and informal settlers to apply for a connection.

“Naga conduct kami house to house inspection sa mga balay especially sa mga dangling electrical wirings sa mga spaghetti wires nga naga connect sa mga barangays, so subong na-elevate na kag na-correct na, kag nakita naton nga siguro through sincere sang one of the companies sa service, gusto gid ang pagbag-o kag makabulig sa mga pumuluyo naton. kag daku gid ang pagbag-o sa pagliwat sang mga linyada”,adds F/SInsp Valenzuela.

Aside from a decrease in pole fires, the BFP also thanks the DU for its efforts in clearing loose lines, as this makes it easy for the fire bureau to access areas during a fire.

Pole Fires in Iloilo City

The BFP and MORE Power Iloilo joins the metro in the celebration of Fire Prevention Month.


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