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Andrea Ortega Guanco
Andrea Ortega Guanco

iLaragway Photography: One of the reasons I submitted myself to be a subject in a photography session is that, when you’re almost about to hit 30 in ‘n’ years from now, you can’t help but reflect on the things you wanted to do before people tell you you’re too old for it. Modeling is not my cup of tea but still submitted myself because of YOLO.

My friend, John Philip Chavez, used to ask me to ‘model’ for a photo shoot. My initial reaction was ‘why?’. But then, why not. I was ashamed to ‘model’, but still went through. The team that made it possible was iLaragway Photography, an Iloilo-based team of photographers.

Andrea Ortega Guanco
Andrea Ortega Guanco

The chosen venue was Guimbal, Iloilo.

iLaragway Photographer

Yours truly.

Recommending iLaragway Photography for your events – wedding, debut, reunion, birthday parties, portraits, proms, and so on and so forth. Here is the number to text and call: 09159985410; and the email that goes with it: chrisius032205@yahoo.com.

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