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Iloilo City Brings Back Liquor Ban in Less Than 24 Hours

The Iloilo City Government brought back the liquor ban after lifting it yesterday. It can be recalled that as of 02:11pm yesterday, the Iloilo City Government released an executive order modifying the prohibition on liquor. Executive Order No. 66 was an amendment to Section 12 of Executive Order No. 055-A. The next day (today at around 09:00am) the liquor ban was brought back – at around 11:00am today, Executive Order 66-A was signed (liquor ban).

“In view of the various incidents due to intoxicated persons, and in view of the many other important activities undertaken by our security personnel and upon the advice coming from various sectors, I am reimposing the ban on the sale of alcoholic drinks effective immediately until further notice. The PNP and PSTMO are hereby authorized to immediately make sure that this ban is effectively complied with. The Executive Order will be issued this morning. For immediate compliance,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas.

Meanwhile, in a social media post by RMN Iloilo, the Iloilo City Police Office recorded the following alcohol-related incidents that led to the eventual reimposition of the liquor ban in Iloilo City:

  • Five in Alta Tierra, Quintin Salas, for drinking outside premises without quarantine pass and facemask.
  • One in Balabago, Jaro, drunk and threatened tanod officials with knife.
  • One in Ungka, Jaro, drunk driving and verbally assaulted checkpoint frontliners.
  • One in San Isidro, Jaro, drunk and ran amok, without quarantine pass and facemask.
  • One in Jaro, drunk and ran amok.
  • Four in Arevalo, drunk and violated curfew.
  • One in Arevalo, assaulted a member of the LGBT.

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