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Iloilo City Brings Back Liquor Ban

The Iloilo City Government recently released Executive Order 082, reimposing the prohibition on the sale and consumption of liquor within Iloilo City. According to the EO, the mandate is effective immediately. It can be recalled that an alcohol-related incident led to the death of a health personnel and injured three civilians recently. Read more: Drunk Driver Kills Frontliner Week After Lifting of Liquor Ban

One of the reasons for the reimposition of the liquor ban includes: several reported incidents and complaints related to the abuse in consumption of alcohol and violations of physical distancing measures.

Moreover, the EO listed imposable penalties:

Establishments, convenience stores, groceries, sari-sari stores, and other similar businesses who shall violate the prohibition on the sale of liquor, whether directly or indirectly shall entitle the City Government to mete out the appropriate penalties provided under the Iloilo City Tax Code.

All persons who knowingly break protocol, and endanger the lives of the residents of Iloilo City shall face the appropriate administrative and/or criminal charges.

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