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Iloilo City Continues to Revive Local Economy

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas recently stated that the city has ‘to go on’ with reviving the local economy amid public health threat brought by COVID. Treñas reckons that Ilonggos ‘have to live with this’.

“As far as I am concerned … the virus will stay with us for some time. There will always be times when people will test positive, we only have to live with this,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas during a press briefing. Moreover, Treñas added that it would be ‘very disastrous’ for the city if some local business will not resume operations, as 58% of the city’s local income is dependent on this.

“We cannot remain in this state forever. Otherwise more people will be losing their jobs, more businesses will be closing and when the time comes it will be very difficult to jump-start our economy again,” adds Treñas. Read more: Iloilo City ‘to continue’ reviving its economy amid rising COVID-19 cases, an article by GMA Network.

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