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Iloilo City COVID Lab and Dormitory Perspective

The Iloilo City Government recently released a proposed plan of the Iloilo City COVID Lab and Dormitory as presented by Arch. Regi Gregorio and Arch. Jun Balinas of the City Engineer’s Office. The facility is expected to be completed by July and will be constructed at the site of the City Agriculturist’s Office in Molo.

It can be recalled that The Iloilo City Government got a go signal for the establishment of its own testing laboratory after the Department of Health, together with the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine and World Health Organization inspected the proposed location of the Iloilo City’s COVID Laboratory and Dormitory in Molo District.
According to Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas, the new facility will boost the capacity of managing cases. Moreover, around Php 15 million was initially allotted for the project that will be installed at the old site of the City

Agriculturist’s Office in MH del Pilar in Molo.

“They are really okay with the site. They want it completed soon. They are very happy with the city’s initiative. We have started procuring PCR machines and equipment. We expect the detailed plan this week and the bidding process of construction works by next week. We want to fast-track the opening of laboratory for city residents,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas.

Treñas also reveals that the procured machine is capable of testing Dengue and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Moreover, the project has been allotted Php 15 million as initial. Details have also been presented at the Iloilo City Hall by Arch. Regi Gregorio and Arch. Jun Balinas from the City Engineer’s Office.

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