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Iloilo City Firecracker Regulations

The Iloilo City Government recently released Executive Order No. 190, regulating the sale, distribution, manufacturing, and use of fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices in Iloilo City. The EO enumerates the fireworks and pyrotechnic devices allowed and not allowed in the metro, including designated manufacturing zones and display zones.

Prohibited fireworks:

  • Those net explosive(s) ingredient content exceeds 1/3 teaspoon;
  • Those that will endanger life and limb
  • Those that use sulfur and/or phosphorous mixed with chlorates
  • Those sold without necessary permits and licenses
  • Those determined by authorities as dangerous to life and limbs
  • Class 4 fireworks sold and used by persons not qualified as firework operators.

By far, the following fireworks have been deemed dangerous: atomic big triangulo and super lolo. Meanwhile, designated manufacturing zones should adhere to the following safety measures:

  • Should be 300 meters away from nearest residential area
  • Should have adequate ventilation, no concrete floors, leak-proof with fire extinguishers
  • Warehouse must be 50 meters away from processing station

Moreover, designated display zones are indicated in the EO:

  • Circumferential Road 1, corner Jocson Street
  • Circumferential Road 1, corner Iloilo East Coast – Capiz along Ondoy’s Sugbahan
  • Muelle Loney Street, along Riverside front of Muelle Loney Statue

Exhibition zone is also set to be in this area:

  • Portion of Iloilo River Esplanade in Barangay Progreso, Lapuz, Iloilo City which is hereto properly delineated and marked as an authorized venue for fireworks/pyrotechnic display during the Dinagyang celebration as well as future events and festivities.

More can be read in the EO below:

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