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Iloilo City Green Projects in Progress

Iloilo City Green Projects

Iloilo City green projects in progress: Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas, in a social media post, talks about the ongoing green projects in the metro – highlighting the green tunnel erected on bike lanes along Diversion Road. According to Treñas, in a statement last year, green tunnels will soften out concrete roads as climate change mitigation or adaptation measure.

Here is his statement.

“I always dream of bringing Iloilo City to the next level and create a sustainable living environment for my beloved Ilonggos. As we continue to work hard for the progress and with the trust given to me, everything I have planned for our dear city came to fruition.

Nowadays, we are experiencing the extreme effects of climate change and to fight its impacts, our Green Projects are currently in progress. I initiated these Green Tunnel for our residents to have a greener walk lane. Aside from the green tunnels, the construction of the 32 waiting sheds with vines and plants as roofing along Diversion road’s public utility jeepneys loading and unloading bays is also ongoing.

2021 is indeed a challenging year for all of us, however, Iloilo City will continue to aim in providing a healthy and safe place for the leisure and exercise of the Ilonggos.Padayon sa pag USWAG matahum nga ciudad sang Iloilo!”

Here is a statement of Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas, lauding the community’s efforts in making Iloilo a green city. Iloilo City was given recognition as a ‘Clean Tourist City’ by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Read: Iloilo City Strengthens Green Initiatives

“More than the scenic view, we aim for a cleaner and greener environment to combat the effects of climate change by reducing carbon footprints. To maintain and secure our greeneries against those who might destroy them, we deployed our Green Guards to different plazas and esplanades. Another sustainable development plan we aim to achieve this year is an architectural bikeway project, the Green Tunnel. Despite the impact of the pandemic on the community, this does not hamper our continuous efforts to clean the environment and beautify the surroundings with tree propagation and cultivation of ornamental plants.”

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