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Iloilo City Launches Clean and Green Market Competition


The City of Love launches ‘2019 Clean and Green Market Competition’, in a bid to promote and maintain the cleanliness of the markets in the city. As a response, market vendors association, barangay officials, and market officials have expressed their commitment to support the cause.

During the launch held August 25, a signage was assembled with the pledge of commitment stating: “We, the Market Vendors, Barangay Officials, and Market Officials in support of the call to level up the Iloilo City Markets commit to participate in the Clean and Green Market Contest of the Iloilo City Government. We hereby commit to collaborate and implement our respective markets through cleanliness and environmental campaigns.”

Below it signed Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treňas, Executive Assistant Carlos Alfonso A. Hofileňa, and Local Economic Enterprise Officer Jose Ariel D. Castaňeda. Iloilo City officials and other guests also signed the pledge.

“The markets will compete on the cleanliness of their areas, and it involves elements like the cleanliness of comfort rooms, drainage, presence of green plants, the functioning of material recovery facilities, and the likes,” says Jose Arial Castaňeda, Head of the Local Economic Enterprise Office, in a phone interview.

According to Castaňeda, the competition will run from September 2019 to April 2020 and is open to all public markets provided that the vendors association and barangay officials join the initiative. Moreover, the Local Economic Enterprise Office will closely monitor and evaluate the participating markets in the duration of the competition.

“On our end, we will support them by pushing for the rehabilitation of the drainages to help the markets,” states Castaňeda. “We believe that through this, we will maintain and sustain the cleanliness of our markets. This contest is aimed to drive behavioral change for our stakeholders to become environmentally aware,” he adds.

Castaňeda also added that except for the prizes the local government will grant the markets that will stand out. He believes that the competition will inspire a drive towards change among stakeholders. The competition is also a response to the current problem of public markets where there is an ‘irresponsible implementation of cleanliness’ and ‘disowning of trash’. The competition is part of the rehabilitation planned by Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treňas.

Photo Credit: Iloilo City Government

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