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Iloilo City Mayor on Reopening of Markets

Just recently, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas met with market operators to discuss preparations in the market as the enhanced community quarantine comes to an end. The meeting allowed the operators to voice their sentiments, concerns, and inquiries as well as for the mayor to discuss new guidelines.

Gin meeting ko ang market operators para mapreparahan naton ang pagbukas sa masunod nga semana. Siguraduhon gid naton nga ang kada pumuluyo nga nagapaninda, naga social distancing gid dapat sa gihapon,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas reiterating the importance of social distancing and other safety measures.

“We need to put our marketplace back to regular opening because it is very vital in our daily living. It is also important to allow our vendors to resume the operation for their living. Mabinuligay lang kita tanan. Hindi na kita maglapas subong nga ginasugtan na kita. Palihog magpabilin gid sa gihapon nga naga social distancing,” Treñas adds.

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