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Iloilo City: No To Mercy Killing of Stray Dogs!

Contrary to earlier information that circulated and sparked outrage in Iloilo, City officials say no to mercy killing of stray dogs. It can be recalled that an ‘order’ was made to capture and collect stray dogs in the vicinity in a bid to ensure public safety and maintain integrity of public property. The order also included ‘mercy killing’ of unclaimed stray dogs through ‘euthanasia’.

In lieu, the Iloilo City Government will be procuring an impounding vehicle to catch stray dogs. The local body also assures residents that a dog pound will be established.

“Yes, you know I have not been consulted about that proposal. I was surprised that was announced without consultation. I haven’t talked yet with vice mayor and city councilors about it, so we will have to think that out very clearly. First, the City Vet has no vehicle for catching stray dogs. Second, since we lack dog pound, we will establish one. After then, maybe we can start thinking about what else to do,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treňas.

Treňas also affirmed the existence of interested parties supporting the pet welfare program in the city. In addition, the mayor expressed his support to the proposed ordinance on the temporary shelter of dogs.

“There are so many groups that are willing to help us because they’re saying they support adoption of dogs. I will be open to that and hopefully we will be able to make use of it. In the meantime, I think it is incumbent upon all pet owners to be responsible to take care of their dogs,” adds Treňas.

Treňas also stressed that residents should be responsible pet owners.

“There are many who are asking for assistance for anti-rabies shots particularly during summer. I hope they will be responsible enough to make sure their dogs won’t bite,” states Treňas.

In a Facebook post by the Iloilo City Government, an infographic was uploaded enumerating the responsibilities of pet owners. The infographic stresses: to have dogs regularly vaccinated; submit dogs for mandatory registration; maintain control of pets and not allow it to roam the streets without a leash; provide proper food, shelter, and grooming for pet; immediately report any dog biting incident; and shoulder medical and incidental expenses relative to victim’s injuries.

Photo source: Iloilo City Government

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