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Iloilo City Officially on MGCQ

The Iloilo City Government recently issued Executive Order No. 140, an executive order implementing the omnibus guidelines for modified general community quarantine (MGCQ), placing Iloilo City on MGCQ from September 01, 12:01am, until September 30, 11:59pm.

Moreover, the EO enumerates the following guidelines:

Industries prohibited: Traditional cockfighting and operation of cockpits, beerhouses and similar establishments whose primary business is serving of alcoholic drinks, and children’s amusement industries.

Industries allowed to operate at 50% venue capacity: Hotels and accommodation establishments, establishments offering personal care services and aesthetics procedures, gyms and fitness studios, testing and tutorial services, review centers, internet cafes, drive-in cinemas, pet grooming services, entertainment industries, libraries, archives, museums, cultural centers, tourist destinations, travel agencies, tattoo and body piercing, and live events.

Industries allowed to operate at 75% venue capacity: dine-in services, barbershops and salons.

Safety response measures.

The following shall be imposed on all persons and establishments:

  • Mandatory use of face mask
  • Mandatory use of face shield
  • Strict implementation of physical distancing
  • Contact tracing and COVID-19 testing
  • Mandatory confinement at designated quarantine and isolation facilities.
  • Necessary imposition of localized containment in barangays or establishments.

Curfew: Curfew shall be from 10:00pm to 04:00am. Exemptions include those employed in BPOs/KPOs, warehouses and logistics, ports, arrastre, food manufacturing, storage and preservation, hospitals, media, and other similar businesses or occupations that require employees to go to work during curfew hours.

Consumption and selling of liquor: Includes the following guidelines: Establishments such as restaurants, tiangge, sari-sari stores, convenience stores, community stores shall be prohibited from selling and dispensing alcohol liquor and beverages after 6:00pm. The public consumption of any alcoholic beverage in restaurants shall be prohibited after 08:00pm, and if physical distancing cannot be observed. Public consumption of liquor in public places shall be prohibited for the entire duration of the MGCQ. All establishments dispensing and selling alcoholic drinks may face appropriate sanctions.

Read full EO below via Iloilo City Government:

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