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Iloilo City Power Interruptions Decrease by 70%

Iloilo City Power Interruptions

Iloilo City Power Interruptions Decrease by 70%: More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power Iloilo), Iloilo’s distribution utility, reports a significant decrease in power interruptions by 70%. In a report from January to October, there has been a significant decrease in interruptions – with the highest in May (76 interruptions) and the lowest in August (3 interruptions).

MORE Power President Roel Z. Castro, in an interview, revealed that the frequency of unscheduled power interruptions has decreased and that scheduled interruptions are beneficial to prevent accidental outages.

“Accidental or unscheduled outages – ang mga nangyayari ngayon and this is based on feedback that I have from consumers. Actually, ang ating mga outages happening right now are mostly on the scheduled outages. And we need to schedule it to prevent accidental or unscheduled outages. Kasi kung hindi natin i-address yan, baka yung accidental outage might be big, might be significant na mas mahirap ng ayusin kaysa sa ayusin natin ngayon while we found there are faults or there are reason why we need it scheduled,” says Castro.

Castro also said that rehabilitation is an ongoing process and may take time to complete.

“From the time that we took over, sabi ko that this rehabilitation is not easy. This may take time, in three to five years, and we’re just at the mid of it. Yung ating unscheduled outages is really, really down and our response time to do that is very, very fast compared to the past,” he added.

According to the distribution utility, the development is due to the integration of ACR (Automatic Circuit Reclosers) in the system. An automatic circuit recloser is a self-contained device with the necessary intelligence to sense overcurrents to time and interrupt fault currents, and to re-energize the line by reclosing automatically (Source: Eaton). It is recognized by electric utilities throughout the world as a tool in providing maximum continuity of electric service.

With this device, interruptions can be essentially minimized.

MORE Power reports that there have been 31 ACRs installed in the metro plus 6 LBS (Load Break Switches): La Paz Substation and Feeders, City Proper Substation and Feeders, Jaro Substation and Feeders, Mandurriao Substation and Feeders, Molo Substation and Feeders, and the Megaworld Mobile Substation and Feeder.

Further developments to minimize interruptions, according to MORE, including the installation of animal guards and silicone rubber insulators. It may be recalled that MORE Power President Roel Castro enumerated the reasons behind unscheduled interruptions. This includes breakdown of equipment, vehicular accidents involving poles, power overload due to illegal connection, and animals or objects contacting power lines.

According to the same report, there has been a significant decrease in the number of incidents involving animal intrusion after installation of animal guards and silicone rubbers – from 32 (highest in July) down to 3 (as of October). The DU reports the installation of 206 animal guards and 177 sets of silicone rubber insulators.

“Fast service in terms of technical problems. It takes two hours only of waiting for the technical support here in our barangay. Nice job,” states netizen Zeus Adorio Quicoy, commenting on the efficient and timely services of MORE Power

“Last month, medyo wala gawa power interruption, even until now. Mga September or October siguro. Medyo na minimize gid man. Maybe one of the reason nga damo sang power interruption last few months kay gina repair pa sang MORE Power,” states netizen Hernan Bergancia.

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