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Iloilo City Pushes Responsible Parenthood

Iloilo City Responsible Parenthood

Iloilo City Pushes Responsible Parenthood: The Iloilo City Population Office (CPO) conducted a “Family Planning in the Workplace” orientation to forty-three (43) Iloilo City Hall employees last February 14, 2023. The activity is seen as an effective approach to educating employees on responsible parenthood, family planning (FP), and its benefits, as well as debunking myths and misconceptions.

The activity also aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of individuals on responsible parenthood, educate them on various family planning methods, and lessen unplanned pregnancies.

Iloilo City on responsible parenthood: The CPO monitors the information gap through testimonials as it ensures all employees have access to accurate family planning information that they can possibly share with others. Moreover, CPO seeks to provide effective family planning services which are important to address the needs of the community.

“Among our program thrusts are responsible parenthood, family planning, and of course, to invest in proper health care not just for our employees but also for city residents. We also give free condoms to reduce unplanned pregnancies,” CPO Officer-in-Charge Ma. Cecilia Guillergan said.

Basic concepts of family planning that were discussed include methods, precautions, and side effects.

One of family planning’s objectives is to lessen teenage pregnancy and address population concerns.

As part of the preparation for the upcoming Women’s Month in March, CPO is planning to have free family planning services for employees. CPO believes the success of a family is to be able to provide a stable foundation for the development of the children to have a better quality of life. (Text sourced from Alexandra Jover/Iloilo City PIO)


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