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Iloilo Lauds MORE’s Successful Preventive Maintenance

Iloilo City consumers of MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) lauded the power firm’s successful comprehensive preventive maintenance of the Jaro Substation on Sunday, May 17. The maintenance works were done an hour early than the expected 13-hour long task. The scheduled power interruption started at 4:00 in the morning and ended at 3:43 in the afternoon.

MORE Power has earlier explained the need to do comprehensive maintenance works of the Jaro Substation as the load of the substation’s 10MVA transformer was found to be already on a critical level.

According to MORE Power, previous distribution utility Panay Electric Company, Inc. (PECO) was not able to do any preventive maintenance works on the substation for almost 8 years. MORE Power’s technical experts, preventive maintenance should have been conducted every 2 years.

Thus, MORE Power took the task of fixing and upgrading all of the former distribution utility’s facilities. Following continuous assessment and inspection, MORE Power has now a benchmark of the expected lifespan of the facilities and has prepared the upgrading of their capacities.

In the past two months that MORE Power came into operation as Iloilo City’s legitimate power firm, it has already made significant improvements and repairs on the metropolis’ electric distribution facilities. From February 29, 2020 until April 29, 2020, MORE Power has, among its other accomplishments, upgraded 51 distribution transformers, replaced 51 broken electric poles, and fixed 97 hotspot connectors. All these—in a span of only two months.

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