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Iloilo Original Biscocho Haus

Iloilo Original Biscocho Haus
Photo courtesy of Biscocho Haus

Iloilo Original Biscocho Haus: Don’t go home without it! – is the tagline when it comes to pasalubongs from Iloilo, it definitely has to be Biscocho Haus. The 46-year-old Biscocho house is a crowd favorite and is Iloilo’s prime pasalubong to other parts of the country and the world. Butterscotch, Barquillos, Piaya, Pinasugbo, Barquiron are just some of the specialties of Biscocho Haus – and, of course, the famous Biscocho.

“Iloilo Original Biscocho Haus began in 1975 as a cottage industry of specialty food products in the Jaro, Iloilo home of the Guadarrama-Jalandoni family. We are proud that today we have grown to offer more than biscocho to become the preferred pasalubong center in Iloilo with our wide array of favorites — butterscotch, yemas and merengue.” – an excerpt from the Biscocho Haus website.

To date, the Iloilo Original Biscocho Haus has expanded its business empire to different parts of Panay – Jaro (Main Branch), SM City Iloilo, The Shops at Atria Park District, Robinsons Place Iloilo, Gaisano Capital Iloilo, Megaworld Iloilo Business Park, Molo, JM Basa, and Iznart Street, Pavia, and Passi. Branches outside Iloilo include Kalibo, Roxas, Antique, and Bacolod.

Biscocho Haus takes pride in its patadyong-inspired packaging.

“Our patadyong-inspired packaging represents our humble beginnings and timeless traditions of our Jareño roots. Even before the Spanish colonial times, Jaro was one of the towns in Iloilo known to have a tradition for weaving “hablon” patterns in Ilonggo using handlooms. One of the most popular ways to use the versatile “hablon” fabric was as “patadyongs” that were worn by ordinary Filipino women and men as everyday skirts and bottoms. However for the Ilonggos, the “hablon” served more than this purpose — they were your ordinary indispensable items that proudly contributed to the ordinary hardworking Ilonggos’ way of life: for washing in the river, removing one’s sweat from the toil of labor, and protection from the rain and heat.” – another excerpt from its website.

Biscocho, ‘Bizcocho’ in Spanish, refers to ‘Biscuit’, it is baked bread topped with butter and sugar and is a popular specialty in Iloilo. The etymology of the word is related to the Latin phrase ‘Bis Coctus’ meaning ‘Baked Twice’, describing the manner it was prepared. Biscocho Haus, meanwhile, was built in 1975.

“Biscocho Haus is proud to have come from long hours of honest hard work and perseverance to continuously come up with quality products accessible to all of our customers. We will continue to look back and celebrate where we came from and how far we have come.” – another excerpt from its website.

Iloilo Original Biscocho Haus

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