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Iloilo Province to Implement ‘Transition Plan’

In a social media post by Balita Halin sa Kapitolyo, Iloilo Province Governor Arthur ‘Toto’ Defensor plans to extend the enhanced community quarantine in the Province of Iloilo until May 15. However, it will be ‘not under the same terms and conditions.

It can be recalled that Executive Order 102 mandates the lifting of the ECQ on April 30. However, Defensor intends to issue a new EO within the week detailing the ‘transition plan’, rather a ‘modified enhanced community quarantine’ from May 1 to 15.

Defensor admits that the ECQ has brought significant economic loss to the province.

“Our basis now is the economy. We have seen the figures (on the loss). We will implement available quarantine measures while sustaining the economy. Before, the general rule is that all establishments must be closed except those offering food and basic necessities. We will change the regime so that the economy will run,” states Governor Arthur ‘Toto’ Defensor, in a post by Balita Halin sa Kapitolyo.

Under the planned modified ECQ, all establishments will be opened except those that do not promote social distancing. Public transportation will be revived as well as the transport of trade and other necessities, given that physical distancing is observed.

Moreover, travel restrictions, implementation of checkpoints, and the use of quarantine pass will continue. The planned transition period will also give enough time for proactive testing of suspected COVID-19 patients. In addition, there will be meeting among municipal mayors on the 24th of April to finalize the transition plan.

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