Awesome Finds at Iloilo Supermart

Iloilo Supermart: ‘May bargain araw araw, aton guid ini!’ Of course, who wouldn’t sing that jingle? Iloilo Supermart has been instrumental in shaping the Ilonggo grocery experience. Combining accessibility and affordability, Iloilo Supermart has become a household name and remains a crowd favorite amidst newcomer supermarket chains in Iloilo. To date, is the largest supermarket chain in Western Visayas – and it turns 70 this year!

Iloilo Supermart was built in 1948 by Que Hua Pho, popularly known as ‘Papa George’, who is also behind Washington Supermart nestled in the corner of JM Basa and Guanco Streets. With the success of Washington Supermart, the supermart was established at Valeria Street. This led to the creation of more chains in Iloilo City. The most recent chain is at the newly opened Citymall in Ungka II, Pavia. Below: Take a look, Opening at Citymall Ungka II Pavia

Iloilo Supermart

Iloilo Supermart

Why shop at Iloilo Supermart? The jingle says it all: ‘may bargain araw araw.’ Just recently, I found myself Citymall Ungka II Pavia. For someone who rarely buys groceries, I explored the aisle and found these awesome finds. If there is one common denominator among my choices, it would be this: all picks brought nostalgia. Iloilo Supermart was my late mother’s favorite grocery store and shopping there took me back to those memories. These are my personal picks. Related: Days Hotel Iloilo for the Holidays

1. Smart Value paired with Buy 1 Take 1. That you don’t see every day. Need I say more?

Iloilo Supermart

Iloilo Supermart

2. Tinapayan’s Premium White Bread is always a strong contender when it comes to quality white bread.

3. Special Ideal Homemade Foods Peanut Butter, favorite peanut butter and it is hard to find elsewhere.

4. Fourth pick is from a friend. An aisle dedicated to baking. My baker friend was enthusiastic when he found this aisle complete with baking essentials and tools. I am particularly interested in the colorful cupcake cups. If I only knew how to bake though.

5. A quarter of an aisle dedicated to gardening. I recommend the supermart at The Atrium Mall they have soil, seed trays, a variety of seeds, grow-your-own seed in a pot, and pots.

Just an addition to my five picks: A blast from the past:

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