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Iloilo Supports ‘Pinas Muna Tayo’ Initiative

Iloilo supports the ‘Pinas Muna Tayo’, an initiative of the Department of Tourism and Department of Science and Technology in partnership with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI), and Resort World Manila (RWM). Pinas Muna Tayo campaigns for the revival of the industry by promoting domestic tourism.

The movement highlights three components: #ShoPinas, reviving the local retail sector through buying locally sourced products; #TriPinas, helping local tourism through travelling to local destinations; and #LasaPinas, promoting local food and hospitality. The Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines (ATOP) is at the forefront of this campaign.

In Iloilo City, the local tourism office spearheads efforts to propagate the campaign.

In a social media post by the Iloilo City Tourism and Development Office, Ilonggos are encouraged to join in the ‘Pinas Muna Tayo Challenge’. Netizens can upload their favorite local tourism photo/food/products with the Pinas Muna Tayo logo that can be downloaded from the Pinas Muna Tayo Facebook page.

Then, they are encouraged to post with the caption:

“We, Filipinos are widely known for our resilience. No crisis or pandemic can bring our spirits down!

In support of our country’s economic recovery efforts for the Tourism industry, I am taking on the challenge of Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines of posting my favorite local tourism [destination/culinary product] for the next 3 days.

Now, I’m challenging my [tag 3 friends] to post their favorite tourism photo in their timeline.”

The tourism office firmly believes that, together, we can revive the tourism industry.

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