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#FeaturedIlonggo: Carmelo Camohoy III

Ilonggo Visual Artist

Ilonggo Visual Artist: “Passion ko gid ang art,” states Carmelo Getuya Camohoy III, an Ilonggo artist. Carmelo discovered his passion for the arts at the tender age of five. Although a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from St. Therese MTC Colleges, Carmelo continues to pursue his endeavor of crafting art pieces, whether for himself or for his clients. As of date, he creates commissioned artworks.

“I started doing art since I was 5 or 6 years old, I think. Asta nga naka highschool ako nagsulod ako sa special program in the arts sa Oton NHS sang 2nd year,” Carmelo revealed. He also shared that his passion must have come from his maternal side as his grandfather was also passionate about visual arts.

As a new graduate, Carmelo shared the pangs of seeking local employment. Struggling to get employed, the newbie ventured into commissioned artworks. He later revealed that his mere hobby became financially lucrative. He had never expected to earn money from it. However, Carmelo also gives back to the people who had helped him throughout the years by creating portraits of the people he looks up to for free.

“So sang nakagrad ako sa college damo ko inaapplyan nga ubra pero di pinalad hasta nga nagdecide ako nga magbaton commissions. At first nahuya pa ko pero as time goes by, naandan ko na man. Never ko gani actually nag expect nga ang passion ko and hobby lang before is makawartahan ko. I also do free drawings to those people nga dako bulig or ginakwaan ko inspiration,” Carmelo shares.

In terms of art style, Carmelo does Oriental, Polynesian, Doodles, Pop Art/Stencil Art.

“Pero nagstart gid ko sa Original characters until nagka interest ako sa doodling sang high school pero wala gid ko nagtutok da. Pagkalapak ko college didto na nga nagka interest na man ko sa Oriental or Japanese art style pero after lang siguro 6 months nagka interest na man ko sa Polynesian pattern until ginmix ko ang Polynesian and Oriental,” he adds.

Carmelo started his pop art portraiture in his fourth year of college. He delved into this type of art as there are only limited artists indulging in this art style, as most are still doing charcoal or colored pencil portraits. Carmelo describes his art as ‘vibrant and unique’. He also claims to mix pop art portrait with a galaxy design to achieve the ‘vibrant’ look. As of date, Carmelo welcomes any portraiture commission. Those interested can message him through Facebook at Carmelo Getuya Camohoy III. Read more: Guide to Iloilo Summer Arts Festival

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