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Ilonggos Below Lower Middle Income Bracket

Ilonggos Between Poor and Lower Middle Income Bracket

Almost half of Ilonggos between poor and lower middle income bracket: 47% of Ilonggo families fall between the poor income bracket and the lower-middle-income bracket, a recent market research study shows. In other words, 47% of Ilonggo families earn roughly P31,560 a month or even less, with the majority of them earning between P7,891 to P15,780 a month.

These findings were gathered through a market research study conducted last August 2021 by Prometheus, the first and only full-service marketing agency and public relations firm based in Iloilo City. The study sought to better understand the online behavior and attitude of Ilonggos. The study included researching the income levels and employment status of the Ilonggos.

Moreover, it was also found that 44% of the Ilonggos are full-time workers while 14% are self-employed. In fact, a majority of these full-time workers and self-employed fall under the lower middle income and middle-class bracket. Iloilo City actually has more self-employed residents than the other districts. On the other hand, although only 6% of the Ilonggos work part-time, the majority of part-time workers are from low-income families.

The research was conducted through purposive sampling. The company gathered the data from 1,560 respondents which were spread out evenly across the 5 districts in the province, and Iloilo City. The company also found that there are more people from Districts 1, 3, and 4 that are earning less than P7,891 a month, compared to those from Iloilo City and District 2. Furthermore, a significant portion of District 5’s population belongs to Lower middle-income families while 2 in 10 from District 1 have stay-at-home parents. Related: US Must Improve COVID-19 Efforts to Prevent Millions into Poverty UN

This information can prove to be useful not only for Prometheus but also for other organizations as well. Companies, organizations, and even the government can rely on the data gathered by Prometheus to better understand the Ilonggos.

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