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Immanuel Brings Financial Literacy Program in Iloilo

Financial Literacy Program in Iloilo

Financial Literacy Program in Iloilo: ‘Where did my money go?’ – this sentence seemed to be, I believe, one of the most overused in the world. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t usually track the flow of income versus expense, then you’re likely to say these words sooner or later: where did my money go? It’s unlikely that money goes out on its own. But we eventually ask ourselves: ‘where did my money go?’. So they say, poverty is not a curse that only a miracle can cure.

Thus, Immanuel Financial Resources brings a ‘Financial Literacy Program’ dubbed ‘Where Did My Money Go?’. ‘Where Did My Money Go?’ is a financial literacy seminar and workshop aimed to empower Filipinos to become financially literate. The advocacy aims to motivate the average Juan to be more aware of handling finances – and everything else that involves making a financial decision. The event was held at Dojo 8 Coworking Space , General Luna Street, Iloilo City last 6th of September (Sunday), 3pm to 5pm. The seminar-workshop was headed by Mr. Kermith S. Uberas, REB, CIS – real estate broker and certified investment solicitor.

Financial Literacy Program in Iloilo: The seminar-workshop began with a game called ‘Cashflow’. This is where you win when your salary and assets exceed your liabilities. So, based on experience, you have 3 cards that you’ll encounter sometime in your life (in real life, I repeat). You will have ‘liabilities/expenses’ (ones that will take a big bite out of your paycheck); ‘assets/passive income/money that works for you’ (ones that will rebuild you income); and ‘sunshine’ (ones that will just bring financial sunshine to your life – i.e. income that you weren’t expecting at all/ a gift). So you roll the dice of life and see what fate will unfold – and react accordingly.

The seminar was packed with people from different walks of life: students, young professionals, and may I say, ‘veterans’ in the field of financial wisdom. And the seminar taught its eager audience that if it’s important to maintain physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, mental health – why not financial health then? Overall, it was a seminar worth attending.


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