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Jip Bab Iloilo

Jip Bab

Jip Bab: Settled along the Festive Walk Parade of Iloilo Business Park, Jip Bab will surely entice Korean friends in Iloilo, as well as a large number of Ilonggos in love with Korean food. Jip Bab is a traditional Korean restaurant serving Korean and oriental cuisines. When it comes to traditional Korean meals, it is largely based on rice, vegetable, and meat – as well as for the number of side dishes known as ‘banchan’. Kimchi is almost always served at every meal. At Jip Bab, guests will definitely have their fill of Korean bestsellers.

Dubbed ‘price is what you pay, value is what you get’, Jip Bab offers: Samgyupsal | Gochujang Samgyupsal | Yangyum Galbi | Woosamgyup | Unyang Bulgogi | Jeyukbbokeum | Yangyum Chicken | Samgetang | Budea Jjigae | Kimchi Jjigae | Dwenjang Jjigae| Soontofu Jjigae | Ttokbboki | Rabboki | Galbi Jjim | Salmon Hwedup Bab | Bibim Bap | Jjayang Myun | Ganjjajang | Samsun Jjajang and a lot more.

Visit Jip Bab at the Festive Walk Parade of Iloilo Business Park, Mandurriao, Iloilo.

About Festive Walk Parade: Festive Walk Parade is a 1.1 km strip divided into four phases. The longest shopping and dining strip in Iloilo will showcase legendary Ilonggo restaurants as well as international dining brands. The exterior design of Festive Walk Parade is reminiscent of Santana Row development in California, with touches of art nouveau as homage to Iloilo’s own architectural heritage, creating a strong sense of nostalgia while keeping an intimate atmosphere and experience through scale and proportions.

The edge of Festive Walk Parade will be Casa Emperador which will house the Casa Emperador Museum on its 2nd and 3rd floor. The museum will showcase the rich history and vast collection of one of the world’s biggest brandy producer, Emperador Distillers Inc. Casa Emperador echoes Iloilo’s very own Provincial Capitol with impressive neoclassical design and proportions, evoking the aesthetics of old European palaces,, imposing monumentality and establishing a solid focal point along Mandurriao Road.

The alfresco dining on the 2nd floor will overlook the beautifully landscaped Park Square where a monument of Ilonggo revolutionary hero, General Martin Delgado will stand – reminiscent of Iloilo’s Plaza Libertad. Festive Walk Parade will serve as a cultural and historical manifesto for Iloilo, a celebration of its heritage and future, establishing a place of economic and civic vibrancy, life and activity.

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