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Kite: Door to Door Laundry

In the midst of the community quarantine, residents are grasping for services. During the enhanced community quarantine, businesses that do not offer essential goods/services were advised to be closed. Moreover, residents are advised to stay at home. As for the owner of Kite: Door to Door Laundry, his initial decision was to go along with the businesses that will close in the entire ECQ duration.

Little did he know that his service is needed much more now.

“Para sa amon, we do not turn down kung magpalaba ang mga frontliners labi na gid sa mga regular clients ko na doctors kag nurses. We do not want to add sa ila gina experience na discrimination already. I cannot close my shop even if gusto ko kay una, paano sila kag mga clients ko na households; ikaduha, paano mga tawo ko,ila pagkaon sa adlaw adlaw so salom na lang ako,” states James Garcia, owner of Kite: Door to Door Laundry .

Kite Door to Door Laundry Service is the first laundry service in Iloilo that offers express door to door laundry delivery. Services include: regular laundry, hypoallergenic laundry, and disinfect laundry. Moreover, they follow strict measures in doing laundry – by using bleach and sun drying to kill the germs or virus, to mention a few. Staff is also required to don gloves while handling laundry from counting to loading.

“I have been with Kite Laundry Shop for over a year now. I can assure you that they have excellent service, especially their handwash. They also have very good health ethics,” states Doc Dee, a patron of Kite.

For more information: visit Kite Launress: Express Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery on Facebook. For inquiries and/or concerns, contact 0921 720 3633 / 393 4409.


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