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Lazy Susan Iloilo

Lazy Susan Iloilo: Iloilo City recognized as a Creative City of Gastronomy, is known for its traditional cuisine, as well as its thriving food industry. The metro is home to several establishments centered on food. It is also home to those offering foreign cuisine – one of which is Lazy Susan.

Offering a taste of Taiwan, Lazy Susan was established in January 2021, a testing time for businesses as they faced the effects of the pandemic. The brainchild of seasoned entrepreneur Anna Marie Wharton, the business intended to extend Taiwan’s unique flavors to the local community.

Lazy Susan began its journey at the height of the pandemic’s unforgiving conditions. At first, the business only accepted orders for take-out and delivery. Moreover, its dishes were prepared at the kitchen/commissary at Alta Tierra Village in Jaro.

“We have big dreams for Lazy Susan. We started small in our kitchen, perfecting every recipe, making sure we have authentic Taiwanese flavors and offering as many seasonal products so we can test what works and what not for the Filipino palate,” says Wharton, in a post published on the Lazy Susan Facebook page.

Over time, demand grew and Lazy Susan has found a home at the 2F SM Food Hall of SM City Iloilo, and later on moved to transferred to Casa Riviera where it currently operates. Moreover, it offers good food at an affordable price. Combo meals start at P79, bao at P85, and buns at P69. Also on the menu is its signature Sichuan spicy noodle, along with beef noodle soup, pepper buns, and dumplings, to mention a few.

Lazy Susan, named after the rotating tray, is reflective of the owner’s love for family gatherings at the dining table. Specialty dishes are Taiwanese in origin – Sichuan noodles, bao, and pepper buns to mention a few.

On Taiwanese Food

Takoyaki, stinky tofu, tempura, green onion pancakes, and bubble tea are just some of the glorious night market delicacies of Taiwan. With influences from its indigenous community, Japanese, and Chinese, Taiwanese food has several variations. Its local cuisine is often classified as ‘Southern Fujianese Cuisine’ as a result of the Kuomintang retreat bringing along Chinese flavor – with an influence of Japanese due to a period of Japanese rule. Pork, seafood, rice, and soy are common ingredients in Taiwanese food. Read: Taiwanese Food in Iloilo

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