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Look: Guidelines for Modified GCQ

Just recently, the Iloilo City Government released Executive Order 86, implementing the guidelines for the modified general community quarantine starting June 01 until June 15. It can be recalled that Iloilo City was initially placed under General Community Quarantine by the Inter-Agency Task Force. However, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas made an appeal to allow the HUC to transition to MGCQ given that the rest of Panay will be under MGCQ.

Here is a summary of the guidelines for the modified general community quarantine:

Industries and activities allowed. During the period of modified general community quarantine, all industries and business establishments shall be allowed to operate, subject to the following guidelines:

  • Following establishments can operate at a maximum operational capacity of 50% and venue capacity at 50% with strict compliance with the minimum health standards and safety measures: Personal care services (massage parlors, sauna bath establishments, facial care, foot spa, and waxing salons, etc); gyms and fitness studios; libraries and archives; travel agency and tour operators; resorts, parks, beaches, and other leisure establishments; amusement centers including movie houses, theaters, and online gaming shops; other leisure and amusement establishments that promote mass gathering.
  • Barbershops, salons, and other personal care services to operate at a maximum venue capacity of 50% and to 100% after three weeks from June 01, with strict compliance with the minimum health standards and safety measures.
  • Dine-in service and food retail establishments such as supermarkets, grocery stores, and food preparation establishments shall be allowed to operate for a maximum period of 12 hours provided that the seating capacity may not exceed 50%, with strict compliance with the minimum health standards and safety measures.
  • Hotels and other accommodation establishments shall operate practicing strict compliance with the minimum health standard and safety measures. Moreover, establishments shall comply with issuances of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Inter-Agency Task Force, Department of Tourism, Department of Health on the accommodation, and handling of guests, including repatriated OFWs.

Regulated activities.

  • Individual and group outdoor exercises allowed but health standards strictly enforced.
  • Public gatherings only at 50% of the venue seating capacity
  • Residential or face to face classes may be conducted in Higher Education Institutions.
  • HEI activities that involve a mass gathering of students is still prohibited.
  • Work in government may be at 100% operational capacity, or under alternative work arrangements.

Guideline for returning employees. The employers and employees of the offices and establishments are allowed to operate during MGCQ are required to observe the DOH Department Memorandum No. 2020-0220, s 2020, dated 11 May 2020, otherwise known as the Interim Guidelines on the Return to Work.

Safety response measures. During the period of MGCQ, the following safety response measures shall be practiced by the Iloilo City Government and shall be imposed on all persons and establishments in Iloilo City.

  • Mandatory use of face mask
  • Strict implementation of physical distancing
  • Contact tracing and COVID testing
  • Mandatory confinement at designated quarantine and isolation facilities
  • Regulated travel of persons between ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ areas.
  • The necessary imposition of extreme ECQ in barangays
  • Curfew from 10pm to 04am

Regulation on sale and consumption of alcohol. For the duration of MGCQ, the public consumption of liquor shall be prohibited. Liquor and alcoholic beverages refer to any drink containing a specific percentage of alcohol by volume or weight.

  • Establishments prohibited from selling and dispensing alcohol after 05pm each day.
  • Ban may be reimposed for any violation of law or ordinance related to the consumption of alcohol.
  • Appropriate penalties will be imposed.

Mass public transportation. During the period of MGCQ, the following guidelines shall be observed.

  • PUJs and PUBs shall comply with provisions of LTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 2020-017
  • Taxis shall comply with LTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 2020-018

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